Blu-ray Review: ‘Days Of Grace’ Is A Unique Action Movie

‘Days of Grace’ is an interesting concept film that attempts to follow a series of related events over a nearly eight-year period. Taking place in Mexico City, during three soccer cup matches the story follows a young cop, Lupe (Tenoch Huerta), as he tries to fight against ruthless cartels that have taken almost complete control of the city. Large portions of the police are either on the cartel’s payroll or are too afraid to do anything about them. The film follows Lupe and certain members of the cartel as they meet, clash, and develop during this lengthy period of time.

While this is a fascinating and riveting way to tell a story, at times it can be somewhat hard to follow. The film covers a lot of time and it jumps around fairly quickly. One plus for the movie is that its clever concept really does payoff at the end. Everything that it builds up to does tie together rather neatly at the end.

The camera work featured throughout the film is both good and inventive. There are a lot of intense and violent scenes that offer vignettes into the harsh violent reality of the cartel dominated Mexico City. The images produced in the film are well thought out and sometimes haunting.

‘Days of Grace’ is a unique action movie. It tells an interesting story and it does so in an inventive way. At times things can get a bit confusing and convoluted due to the way director and writer Everardo Valerio Gout chose to tell this intricate story. Nevertheless this film offers a welcome change of pace from the typical action flick and is a good watch once you understand how the story will be thrown at you.

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