Blu-ray Review: ‘Criminal’ Could Have Been A Great Movie

Review by Lauryn Angel

On paper, Criminal seems like it would be a great movie. The premise is inventive and the cast is great. It’s solidly-plotted, there are some great one-liners, and plot twists to keep it from being too predictable. It has all the ingredients of a great movie – but it’s not a great movie.

The premise of the film is that C.I.A. operative Billy Pope (Ryan Reynolds) has been killed by Xavier Heimdall (Jordi Molla) – an anarchist who wants the location of a hacker known as The Dutchman (Michael Pitt). The Dutchman has information which will allow him to launch any nuclear weapon in the world, which makes him a target for the C.I.A. as well as Heimdall. In order to find The Dutchman first, C.I.A. boss Quaker Wells (Gary Oldman) orders a neurologist (Tommy Jones) to implant Pope’s memories into Jericho Stewart (Kevin Costner), who has no ability to feel emotion. The neurologist is oh-so-cleverly named Dr. Franks, which conjures up allusions to the classic mad scientist – Victor Frankenstein. The goal is to pull Pope’s memories from Stewart, but complications arise when Stewart experiences Pope’s emotions as well.

The performances are solid, but the actors don’t have much to work with; the main problem is that the plot is more than a little silly and the villains are pretty one-dimensional. Criminal is good for killing a couple of hours, but there’s nothing here to make it particularly memorable.

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