Blu-ray Review: ‘Crashing’

Comedian Pete Holmes came up the idea for this TV show and pitched it with Judd Apatow and then to HBO who picked up the show to series. It’s semi-autobiographical about his life in comedy.

The story follows stand-up comedian Pete (played by Pete Holmes), a Christian man who was looking at becoming a pastor before stand up. In the first episode he finds his wife cheating on him and he gets kicked out of his home. He goes on the road doing comedy and basically couch crashes on famous comedians couches. The guest list of stand-up comedians include T.J. Miller, Artie Lang and Sarah Silverman. A lot of the show isn’t even scripted. Like Curb Your Enthusiasm there’s a general outline of a story and the actors are encouraged to ad-lib as much as possible.

It’s well written and acted and can be yours on Tuesday, August 1st on Blu-ray and DVD.

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