Blu-ray Review: ‘Come And Find Me’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

David (Aaron Paul) is dating a photographer named Claire (Annabelle Wallis), who’s a bit artsy, mysterious and all over the place when it comes to her personality. Nevertheless, they are happy until Claire goes missing. There is absolutely no trail to follow, no evidence left behind or anything. David files a report and a year passes by before he gets any type of lead. He was upset, but he never got any closure and wanted to know what happened to her.

David finds out through one of Claire’s old friends that she was not who she appeared to be. He then goes on a dangerous quest to find the whereabouts of Claire or whoever she really is/was. The more David digs, the more he puts himself in danger. He refuses to give up until he finds out what really happened to Claire.

This movie has a good cast and is shot very well. However, it also seems like a little bit of a slowly dragged out drama/thriller. It picks up in the end and it does keep your attention, but when you finally get answers, as David does, you might not like what the answers are. The ending picks up well and then falls flat again. It seemed to take a very cool action ending and then changed up. It is possible you may feel shortchanged by the ending.

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