Blu-ray Review: ‘Brotherhood Of Blades’

Set in 1627 near the fall of the Ming Dynasty, three warriors, and deadly members of an Imperial assassin squad, find themselves thrust into the middle of a complex world of corruption and conspiracy. A new Emperor has just taken the throne and his first mission for the three is to find and annihilate the corrupt fugitive Eunuch Wei and his followers. An unfortunate mistake, however, reveals an even more unfortunate truth – the men are caught up in something much bigger than themselves and nothing is as it seems.

‘Brotherhood of Blades’ is a lot of swordplay, and not a lot of anything else. The plot seems more focused on getting to the next action sequence rather than necessarily developing a plot that moves beyond very basic emotive narration. The story definitely exists within a very traditional good versus evil/black and white framework. Despite this, some ambiguity lingers within the main characters as to how the audience should interpret them. Such uncertainties add to the plot and give it just enough of a discordant nature to set-up certain plot twists that would have much more predictable otherwise.

While it is not very big in the special effects department the cinematography is pretty sharp. The action sequences are good but sometimes a bit too choppy. Much of the combat involves close-up from the ground shots, which can be somewhat annoying over time.

Despite its often cheesy and action driven plot this is nevertheless a well-executed popcorn flick. ‘Brotherhood of Blades’ is an entertaining action movie that is a good way to pass the time.

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