Blu-ray Review: ‘Blair Witch’

I remember the lead up to the original ‘Blair Witch’ movie pretty well. Everyone thought it was a real case of found footage. And that false notion of reality allowed myself to forgive a lot of the terrible camera work that made up a large portion of the film. Well, that same forgiveness doesn’t apply to the latest sequel. This movie is just a headache to watch and it does it on purpose. 

This movie looks like crap for almost all of its 90 minute running time. There are countless shots of shaky trees and shaky grass, but not much more than that. When we are supposed to be scared, it is usually best to just close your eyes and listen to all the panting. If you open them you are simply rewarded with lots of passing trees or brush to try and make out in all the blurry shaking. 

There is a story in this movie, but it’s pretty stupid. The brother of the lead character from the original (a guy named James) thinks his sister might still be alive in the woods. So, he enlists the help of his friends to go die in the woods along with her. It’s a really mindless set up, that leads to several mindless decisions along the way. I won’t ruin any of them, but most audiences will be screaming at the idiots on the screen to stop doing the stupid things they are doing.

And that pretty much sums the majority of the movie up. It doesn’t actually get creepy or interesting until the last 10 minutes or so and that crap is just to late. Luckily, if you happen to catch this on cable, you might enjoy a few creepy sequences and get to skip the rest of the garbage. You also won’t have to witness the shaky camera on a jumbo screen and that’s a huge bonus. 

Nathan Ligon

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