Blu-ray Review: ‘Arrow Complete Third Season’

Arrow season three was a thrill ride. So much happened this season it was crazy. The show teased a Oliver/Felicity romance, only to pull it back as quickly as it started. He can’t be both Oliver/Arrow. New business man Ray Palmer comes to town and buys Queen Consolidated and Sara is killed. And this is all in the first episode.

The big bad for this season was Ra’s al Ghul and the league. He wants Oliver to be his successor, which Oliver does not want to do. In a fight to the death, Oliver is killed (or is he?). When it is revealed he survived his life is still in danger. He leaves the gang and decides he will be Ra’s successor in order to save everyone’s lives. It’s a battle to end all battles by the end of the season.

Other notable things that happened Thea and Merlyn became close until a shocking secret comes out. Laurel decides to become the Canary. Diggle has his baby. And lots of flashbacks to Oliver’s past continued. Slade Wilson even made another appearance.

A darker season with lots of cool fights, dramatic situations and lots of hurt feelings. Season four has a lot already to fix among the gang before it ever starts airing.

Own it on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital HD September 22, 2015

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