Blu-ray Review: ‘Army Of Darkness: Collector’s Edition’

Review by Lauryn Angel

Just in time for the premiere of Ash vs. The Evil Dead on Starz later this month, Shout Factory has released a Collector’s Edition of Army of Darkness that appears to indeed be a definitive edition.

In the third installment of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead trilogy, Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) and his Delta 88 are transported in time and space to medieval England. While there, he manages to romance a maiden (Embeth Davidz) and open the Necrinomicon, unleashing a horde of Deadites, led by “Bad Ash.” The film is a great introduction to Bruce Campbell’s character for those who have never seen Raimi’s Evil Dead movies.

Army of Darkness currently exists in four versions: the theatrical cut, the director’s cut, the tv cut, and the international cut. This collector’s edition is the first to contain all four in one place. The 3-disc set also contains a bevy of extras: some old, like the “vintage” featurettes, and some new interviews and an alternate opening. It’s definitely an improvement over the “Screwhead” edition, and a must-have for fans of the series.

Ash himself would most likely proclaim it “Groovy.”

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