Blu-ray Review: ‘3 Days To Kill’

‘3 Days To Kill’ stars Kevin Costner and Hailee Steinfeld and was directed by McG and if not for them being good actors, this movie could have been a lot worse.

The story here is basically that CIA hit man Ethan Renner (Kevin Costner) botches his last job and wakes up to find out that he has cancer. Since it is a movie, this cancer is so bad that he only has three months to live and there is no treatment. They don’t bother with stages, details or attempts at radiation therapy in movies with magic injections (get to that part soon). So, he decides that it is about time to go home and see his family. I mean, he has been inexplicably gone for five years and it is about time he makes up with them before he dies.

This is actually a decent setup for a movie that could have been kind of interesting: Government assassin comes home to the daughter who doesn’t know him and lives out his last days trying to find redemption … Sounds intriguing, right? That could be good.

Not this movie though. This is a McG movie and written by the increasingly poor Luc Besson. They need explosions and lots of cheesy comedy to be able to breathe at night. So, we insert a 25-year-old
CIA femme fatale named ViVi (Amber Heard) and a magic drug that can sustain Renner’s life if he does
one last job. Sounding silly yet?

You can decide for yourself. ‘3 Days To Kill’ is in stores on Tuesday, May 20.

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