‘Big Texas Fix’ Premieres On DIY Network Saturday, April 6

The island of Galveston, Texas, is filled with centuries-old homes that have fallen into deep disrepair. In the new DIY Network series, Big Texas Fix, premiering Saturday, April 6, at 9 p.m. ET, house restoration experts Michael and Ashley Cordray won’t let these architectural gems get wiped off the map. The husband/wife team have a passion for preserving the island’s history and revitalizing the once-stately coastal houses. Whether the homes are slated for demolition or have been deteriorating for decades, the duo strive to revive the old properties by restoring the original wall-to-wall historic charm and adding modern amenities.

“Galveston is an island that’s literally trapped in time,” said Ashley. “All of these homes have character and their own story, but they’re being torn down all over town.”

“After we save and renovate these homes, they’ll be ready to live on another 100 years,” added Michael.

In the premiere episode, Michael and Ashley gamble on a ramshackle duplex set for demolition and riddled with 100 years’ worth of damage. To bring this turn-of-the-century home up to modern standards, they reimagine the choppy floor plan, overhaul the crumbling interior and add a smart parking solution that will appeal to buyers. The pair also retains the original character by creating artwork from salvaged materials found in the home and installing one-of-a-kind reclaimed wood floors.

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