‘Big Cat Country’ Preview On Smithsonian Channel Wednesday

Wednesday, 3/11
The two Punks have finally defeated the Nomads and reclaimed their land. Now, the teenagers have a chance to prove themselves, and the MK cubs grow bolder. The bruised Nomads retreat out of MK territory and recover from their failed takeover, while the Hollywood pride flees north to escape the Nomads. Will the Nomads head south to challenge the Punks again or travel north in pursuit of the Hollywoods?

Wednesday, 3/18
BIG CAT COUNTRY: THE NEXT DYNASTY (new episode) — 8 p.m
Still relishing their victory over the Nomads, the MK pride continues to roam the territory freely. Things quickly take a turn for the worse when a buffalo gores Surabi, leaving her severely injured, little cub Spotty spends several days in the bush without his mother or any protection and starvation looms large in the Valley. With the six Hollywood females in exile and driven to the edge of their territory by the Nomads, they must decide to either accept the Nomads or push them north before the dry season ends.

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