‘Big Brother’ Spoilers Who Won The First Two Challenges For Final HOH


So when we left the Big Brother it was down to the final three of Steve, Liz and Vanessa. The first two parts of the final HOH were played and below are the two winners.

The first part was an endurance competition and it sounded really brutal from what I read. Vanessa won it (arggg was hoping she would not win either of them). Part two was won by Steve (not sure what it was). So for the final HOH it’s Steve vs. Vanessa. I can’t see either one of them taking Liz, so it looks like the final two will be them. I don’t see Vanessa getting many votes. So I predict that Steve will win it.

Who do you want to win it all? Sound off below in the comments?

  1. September 19, 2015
    • September 20, 2015

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