Best live racing events coming up in 2018

The thrill and excitement of racing doesn’t just exist for the people who participate, there is a natural appeal to spectators. Thankfully, there is no shortage of live racing events coming up in 2018, and whether you want to win or watch, you should find plenty of ways to enjoy these races.

With the 2017 New York Marathon taking place in early November, it is only natural that people who have missed out will look towards the 2018 event. The application process is open from January 15th to February 15th 2018, for the event taking place in November 2018, and you can see the appeal of running in, or watching, this race. New York is a great venue, and this race provides the perfect chance to see some of its most famous buildings and locations from the comfort of your own home.

When it comes to stunning feats of endurance by athletes who combine physical and mental strength, it is hard to look beyond the Tour De France. The 2018 Tour de France gets underway on Saturday the 7th of July, which is slightly later than normal with the event having been delayed so as not to clash with the World Cup taking place in Russia. The Vendée region, in west-central France, hosts the beginning of the event which concludes in Paris on Sunday the 29th of July. With various stages and stunning backdrops, the Tour De France is a hugely popular spectator sport with TV and online coverage ensuring people all around the world can share in this event.

There’s not many bigger races than the Grand National
Of course, when it comes to racing events that are a global spectacle, it is hard to look beyond the Grand National. Plans are already in place to ensure that the 2018 Grand National is one of the most memorable. The main event takes place on Saturday 14th April 2018 and this is always one of the most popular days for gambling, with huge viewing figures around the world. In the UK, people who don’t place a bet at any other time of the year find the draw and attraction of the Grand National to be highly appealing, which makes this one of the most popular sport betting days of the year.

While some people choose their bet by the horse’s name or what colors the jockey wears, there is a lot to be said for studying form and making an informed decision. Anyone looking to be knowledgeable about the big race will find that is a fantastic resource for information and insight.

Of course, for some people, live racing is all about Formula 1 and the 2018 season begins in Melbourne with the Australian Grand Prix in March. The 21st and final stage of the season takes place in Abu Dhabi in November 2018, and this is a sport that also commands great viewing figures.

A competitive race will always get the heart racing, and this is as true for viewers as it is for competitors. If you want an action packed 2018, make sure you know which live racing events are taking place and which are right for you.

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