The Best Musical Artist of 2020: – Taylor Swift – Folklore & Evermore (Music)

Taylor Swift: Folklore & Evermore (Music)


It might seem like a pretty normal year for any other critic to have called Taylor Swift the musical artist of the year, but not for me. I have not been a Taylor Swift fan. I had not listened to one of her albums all the way through until this year. And that is still a true statement of all her music before this year and might even be after this year. However, 2020 is a different beast and the music she put out this year is as good as it gets!


I’ll never forget laying in the back of my car listening to ‘Folklore’ the first time. I was in agonizing back pain and couldn’t sit in the hospital waiting for my daughters test results. She fell asleep and I went outside to listen to music and lay flat in the backseat. Taylor Swift had just dropped a surprise record and I thought “I’ll try her music again”. Then the music started. Stories of pain, love, loss, and betrayal were coming out. Beautiful guitar and piano melodies accompanied the soft voice of a storyteller. These were not stories of her life, but characters she had manifested. This was not a pop album. This was the reveal of an artist that was yearning to be set free. It was the best album of the year! 


And then she did it again a few months later with ‘Evermore’. Over 30 stories between the two albums. All of them unique in their own way and many of them connecting to others. Listening to this as a body of work is so rich and rewarding with subsequent trips into the art. I don’t know if this represents a sea change for the artist, but this year I’m a big Taylor Swift fan!

Nathan Ligon

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