‘Bering Sea Gold’ Returns Friday, May 15 On Discovery

The race is on in Nome, Alaska as there is an estimated two billion dollars’ worth of gold waiting to be discovered in the most unlikely of places. But when the mining grounds have been blasted from a record-breaking summer heat wave and the ice has shifted, miners return to an unpredictable, yet even playing field on the Bering Sea. As if taking on the brutal force of Mother Nature wasn’t enough, the miners will be tested like never before as they must employ the latest technology and tactics in order to stake new claims. As competition grows fiercer, these miners dive back into the sea and surrounding shores with new sights in mind: to seek redemption, build an empire, or for some, to defend their crown in a brand-new season of BERING SEA GOLD premiering on Friday, May 15 at 8PM ET/PT.

When 20 below is considered a warm day, these miners are willing to strike it rich no matter the cost. Last season, Shawn Pomrenke, the former ‘Mr. Gold,’ was knocked off his throne by Ken Kerr and left him stuck on shore with a bad business deal, while Kerr took it upon himself to stake his dominance. Kris Kelly heads into this season confident to find new ground and expand his empire without anyone getting in the way. With an offer for new equipment, the stakes are high as he must “go big or go broke” to finally join the ranks of the mega-miners. The Eroica captain, Emily Riedel, returns knowing there’s never a dull moment on the Bering Sea. This season her determination will take her far as she brings back diver Daryl Galipeau to explore untouched areas. And lastly, Vernon Adkison is back exploring the next big gold strike along with his daughter Elaine who’s got “gold fever.” This season, the dive for gold is on.

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