‘Before I Die’ Preview Sunday On Investigation Discovery

Message from the Grave premieres Sunday, December 22 9/8c On June 23, 2008, Sharon Denson is found shot seven times and severely burnt. Her courage and strength in escaping the burning building and giving a dying declaration while she still could leads detectives straight to her killer.

Season Finale Airs Sunday, December 29 at 9/8c

BEFORE I DIE exposes the truth behind the individuals who had the strength and courage in their final moments to catch their own killer. This three-part series re-tells the shocking events leading to the crucial piece of evidence that the victim was able to somehow communicate with their dying breath, helping to solve their own murder.

Amber Alert premieres Sunday, December 29 at 9/8c On March 14, 2017, Amanda Mangas is found with a single gunshot wound to her chest. She tells police that her baby son, Winston, has been kidnapped before dying from her wounds. This leads to a three-state Amber Alert in the hunt to save Winston.

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