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DVD Review: ‘Looney Tunes Rabbits Run’

‘Looney Tunes Rabbits Run’ is the newest direct to video Looney Tunes release. It’s also the first such release in almost ten years. You’d think with that much time between releases that Warner Bros. was waiting on something really good to bring the classic ...Read More

DVD Review: ‘Freedom’

‘Freedom’ is a decent but flawed movie that takes a no holds barred look at historical US slavery. It is not in the same league as films like ’12 Years a Slave’, but it does have its charms. Cuba Gooding Jr. certainly puts his ...Read More

DVD Review: ‘All American Bully’

‘All American Bully’ is an attempt to make a movie based off of something that is considered a hot issue: bullying. The resulting film is a not scary (or intense) thriller that reeks of writers that take a social issue that they only had ...Read More

TV Review: ‘Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll’

I won’t lie. When I first heard that Denis Leary’s new TV show finds him in the role of an aging former rock star I was a bit hesitant. He certainly had the attitude (and the mouth), but it just didn’t click at first ...Read More

DVD Review: ‘Teen Beach 2’

As a disclaimer I will admit that I have never seen the original ‘Teen Beach’ so this review is based only upon watching the aptly named sequel ‘Teen Beach 2’. I am, however, familiar with the original beach movies from decades past that these ...Read More