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DVD Review: ‘The Odd Way Home’

‘The Odd Way Home’ is a movie with an emotional and sometimes moving plot that suffers from strained performances and a haphazard story-line. Despite having a somewhat unique twist it still manages to utilize a plethora of clichés and tropes from other road movies, ...Read More

DVD Review: ‘Into The Grizzly Maze’

‘Into The Grizzly Maze’ is a disappointingly stale and unoriginal movie about two estranged brothers that reunite at their childhood home in the Alaskan wild where they set out on a two day hike only to be stalked by a crazy grizzly bear. Pretty ...Read More

DVD Review: ‘Blood Cells’

‘Blood Cells’ is not a very happy film. It is in fact quite depressing and at times hard to watch, but neither of these things should be seen as bad qualities. The depressing nature of ‘Blood Cells’ makes it a deep and engrossing watch. ...Read More

DVD Review: ‘Lake Placid vs. Anaconda’

Creature movies are big again, and the horror movie mills are once again pumping out low budget fodder to take advantage. Not all of these movies will be bad, though most will not be good. ‘Lake Placid vs. Anaconda’ is most certainly not in ...Read More