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Movie Review: ‘Saint Judy’

An inspiring tale of courage, determination and confidence- movie ‘Saint Judy’ is a powerful biopic of immigration attorney Judy Wood. Based in the city of Los Angeles, Judy Wood has been working to represent and protect her cases for several years now. Actress Michelle ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Giant Little Ones’

There is emotion, simplicity, affection, confidence and power in this coming-of-age movie that hits the right notes all along its length. It narrates a powerful tale in a simple setting, while addressing the relevant topics of today’s young generation. With excellent star cast, wonderful ...Read More

Movie Short Review: ‘Lost & Found’

Lost & Found- animated short movie review Animated movies come to life when the characters add their special essence. ‘Lost & found’ brings one such lively tale between a knitted dinosaur and a fox. It shows their cute little love story that is unfortunately ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Then Came You’

Different people handle same situations differently. But how one reacts at the time of adversity determines their true outlook towards life. One such tale of courage, confidence, happiness and open approach towards hardships decorates the course of movie ‘Then Came You’. Though battling a ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘St. Bernard Syndicate’

A comedy movie with unique storyline, novel experiences and awkward situations filled with humor, ‘St. Bernard Syndicate’ is an entertainer in its own different style. Following the bold adventures of ambitious Frederick who hopes to make it big in dog breeding business in China, ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Being Rose’

An apt movie for the New Year, ‘Being Rose’ is all about new beginning, new spirit and finding happiness in one’s life. After knowing about her serious health condition and losing her husband, ex-cop Rose Jones (Cybill Shepherd) does not have much to look ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Santa Claus’

A perfect movie for the holidays, ‘Santa Claus’ takes its viewers on a joyride around Paris. When a cute little boy Antoine dreams about his gifts one night before Christmas, he cannot believe his luck on meeting the real Santa Claus. Though the magical ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘SK8 Dawg’

The timing of this movie could not be more perfect. An excellent feel good tale that is all things fun, ‘SK8 DAWG’ is a wholesome family entertainer for the holidays. Since December month marks the mood for joy, it is awesome to watch a ...Read More