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Movie Review: ‘Possibilia’ Is Truly One Of A Kind

An interactive movie that involves its viewers throughout the story, ‘Possibilia’ is an interesting, new wonder. By allowing the audience to navigate through the different possibilities, the movie combines the joy of a video game and film together. This interactive love story, directed and ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘The Tenth Man’

Though the title of this movie may seem confusing; within a short while, the story reveals its significance in Jewish tradition that need ten men for every activity. Based on the life of a middle-aged Jewish man Ariel (Alan Sabbagh) who returns back to ...Read More

Documentary Review: ‘Hollywood Beauty Salon’

A colorful, energetic, inspiring, novel, wonderful documentary that spreads happiness, smiles and cheer, ‘Hollywood Beauty Salon’ is an amazing piece of art. Revolving around survivors of violence, mental illness, rejection, depression, addiction and trauma, this documentary strives to fill joy into the hearts of ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Seattle Road’

A matured cinema with a modern outlook – ‘Seattle Road’ is an interesting masterpiece for the audience. Offering entertainment under the genre of romantic drama, the movie directed and written by Ryan David is certainly a new-age depiction by all means. Slated to release ...Read More