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Movie Review: ‘TRI’ Is For The Whole Family

An inspirational tale with excellent message – ‘TRI’ is an entertaining movie for the audience. With a simple flow yet novel concept, this movie manages to hold the attention of its viewers’ right till the end. Revolving around the determination of a young woman ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘All We Had’

A tale of hope, relation, love and life – ‘All we had’ is a wonderful movie for the audience. Set against the backdrop of economic recession around the year 2008, the movie explores dynamics of relationship between a single mother and her daughter. While ...Read More

Documentary Review: ‘Tree Man’

With Christmas festivals around the corner, happiness and joy is all over the air. Though celebration and fun are usual elements of this season, there is more to these holidays than just family and friends. Depicting the joy of togetherness and humanity, Christmas documentary ...Read More

Blu-ray Review: ‘Don’t Think Twice’

Thought the title refrains you from thinking, movie ‘Don’t Think Twice’ will definitely make you think about its charm, magic, story and art. A fantastic story-line with extremely powerful cast, this movie is a complete entertainer for the audience. Scheduled to release on 22nd ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Dreamland’ Is An Entertaining Movie

A smooth-flowing story with light doses of entertainment- ‘Dreamland’ is a complete entertainer in every way. Slated to release on November 11th, 2016, Dreamland is definitely an exciting piece for the audience. Revolving around the struggles of a young musician Monty Fagan (Johnny Simmons), ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘It Had To Be You’

A modern tale with humorous presentation, ‘It Had to Be You’ is an entertaining comedy movie. Perfect doses of humor, relationship, drama, friendship, reality and ambitions combine into the plot that leaves no scope for complaints. Slated to release on 21st October, 2016, this ...Read More