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Movie Review: ‘The Pack’

By most conventional standards, “The Pack”—an Aussie horror film from first-time director Nick Robertson about a family living in a remote farmhouse surrounded by bloodthirsty killer dogs (“Straw Dogs” with actual dogs, one might say)—is not a very good movie. It’s rhythmless, often awkwardly ...Read More

Documentary Review: ‘’

Inventions do not exist in a vacuum. What an inventor chooses to do with his creation is often as important as the creation itself. After Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, he could have monetized it in any number of ways. Instead, he ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Rabid Dogs’

1974’s “Rabid Dogs,” un thriller di Mario Bava, was a rare stab at the crime thriller genre from a director best known for his lusciously photographed horror films. Made quickly and cheaply—and looking it—the film is an exceptionally nasty piece of work, a quasi-roughie ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘The Submarine Kid’

Spencer (Finn Wittrock), a Marine fresh off his third tour of duty in Afghanistan comes back home to his loving family, gregarious (if hard-drinking) buddies, and devoted girlfriend (Jessy Schram). But he is, as movie soldiers so often are, haunted by visions of combat, ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘The Abandoned’

“The Abandoned” (retitled from “The Confines” in an apparent effort to find a title as generic as the movie itself) is premised on the idea of exploration—of a creepy abandoned housing complex, of a young woman’s psyche—but it could hardly be less inquisitive. Its ...Read More

DVD Review: ‘Wrecker’

If you’ve ever watched Steven Spielberg’s “Duel” and thought, “This movie would be a lot better with a couple hot chicks in it,” then “Wrecker” is for you. For everyone else, it is completely pointless. For those who have seen Spielberg’s made-for-TV classic, “Wrecker” ...Read More

HBO Documentary Review: ‘Bolshoi Babylon’

“Bolshoi Babylon,” a documentary about the backstage infighting at Russia’s famed Bolshoi ballet, opens with an interviewee explicitly stating that the Bolshoi’s problems are symbolic of the government’s deeper institutional instability. Statements like this pop up frequently throughout “Bolshoi Babylon,” but the film never ...Read More