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AFI Documentary Review: ‘All This Panic’

Nearly 60 years ago, film theorist Andre Bazin argued the merits of shooting in deep focus, claiming that “depth of focus brings the spectator into a relation with the image closer to that which he enjoys with reality.” While there is an undeniable truth ...Read More

AFI Documentary Review: ‘Obit’

As print journalism dies its slow, inexorable death, the movies have been writing its obituary in real time. Recent years have given us the Oscar-winning story of the “Boston Globe”’s investigation into priest abuse (“Spotlight”), documentaries on “Vogue” (“The September Issue”), “The New York ...Read More

AFI Documentary Review: ‘Cinema, Mon Amour’

Combining as it does crumbling Soviet infrastructure, self-loathing, existential angst, Eastern European mustaches, a good-humored approach to one’s own struggles, and le cinema, “Cinema, Mon Amour” touches a lot of my pleasure centers. For reasons I can’t explain, I’ve always felt an affinity with ...Read More

AFI Documentary Review: ‘When Two Worlds Collide’

Development is messy business. In Peru, former president Alan Garcia gleefully opened up his country’s natural resources to multi-national corporations who were invited into the Amazon to mine, drill, and clear-cut significant sections of the rain forest. Never mind the environmental cost—which, as Heidi ...Read More

AFI Documentary Review: ‘A Family Affair’

“All happy families are alike,” Tolstoy tells us (and hacky film critics looking for a catchy intro to their reviews like to remind us). “Each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Literature is of course filled with unhappy families—the Compsons, the Karamazovs, ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Intruder’

For a while, “Intruder” (which, sadly, is not a remake of Scott Spiegel’s ridiculously bloody supermarket slasher of the same name) almost seems like it’s going to work. The premise is simple, almost archetypal, but promising: Elizabeth (Louise Linton) comes home from a hard ...Read More