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Movie Review: ‘Brother Nature’

Taran Killam, while undeniably talented, has always struck a wrong chord for me on “SNL.” His broad theatricality often suggests an overgrown drama kid, pleading for laughs with an overly affected shoutiness that shines in certain roles (like his vicious 19th-century critic Jebediah Atkinson) ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘I Am Not A Serial Killer’

Despite his anti-social attitude, his his primary interests (human anatomy, embalming, serial killer lore), his diagnosis of sociopathy, his propensity for troubling and even violent outbursts, and his name, John Wayne Cleaver (Max Records) is not in fact a serial killer. But someone in ...Read More

TV Review: ‘Vice Principals’ Is Off To A Good Start

Danny McBride is not exactly the most versatile comedic actor out there. He does one thing—brutally alienating social aggression—and he does it well. In his darkly compelling turn as the preternaturally self-destructive ex-MLBer Kenny Powers in “Eastbound & Down,” McBride took the self-sabotaging narcissism ...Read More

TV Review: ‘The Night Of’

This review is based on the first three episodes of the series and may contain spoilers. In the pilot episode of HBO’s new prestige drama miniseries “The Night Of,” we watch as Nazir “Naz” Khan, a quiet, slightly nerdy Pakistani college student makes every ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Cold War 2’

“Cold War 2”—the sequel to “Cold War,” a massive 2012 hit in Hong Kong—is so plotty and convoluted that even its own stars admit to not fully understanding the film. According to “The Straits Times,” Chow Yun-Fat admitted at a press conference that he ...Read More

AFI Documentary Review: ‘They Call Us Monsters’

From for-profit prisons to the death penalty to massive racial disparities in incarceration to the completely overtaxed public defender system, the horrors of America’s criminal justice system are legion. America houses 22% of the world’s prisoners, including nearly one third of the world’s female ...Read More