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Movie Review: ‘R100’

BDSM seems to be enjoying something of a moment these days. Everybody and their mother — especially their mother — has read Fifty Shades of Grey and is hotly anticipating being disappointed by the film adaptation this Valentine’s Day weekend. Last year, Lars von ...Read More

Blu-ray Review: ‘Love Is The Devil’

Love Is the Devil, John Maybury’s 1997 look at the tumultuous love affair between artist Francis Bacon (Derek Jacobi) and his young lover George Dyer (a shockingly black-haired Daniel Craig), is subtitled “Study for a Portrait of Francis Bacon.” The word “study” here is ...Read More

Keith’s Top 10 Movies Of The Year

It always seems a bit phony to sum up a year in cinema as soon as it ends. Something like 1,000 different films received at least a weeklong commercial release in New York City (the usual qualifying metric for end-of-the-year lists). Add to this ...Read More

Documentary Review: ‘The Immortalists’

Is death a necessary part of life? Is there an afterlife? A god? A soul? How would the human mind respond to immortality? Would an eternal lifespan fundamentally alter human social relations? Is life worth living at all? These are — strangely, considering it ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Murder Of A Cat’

Clinton Moisey is a bowl-cut-sporting man-child who lives in his mother’s basement, whiling away the hours watching Who’s the Boss? reruns and designing action figures. He has no driver’s license, no job, and no gratitude for his mother’s kindness or for the shockingly generous ...Read More