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DVD Review: ‘Operation Avalanche’

Anyone who’s seen Rodney Ascher’s “Room 237” will be familiar with the lunatic conspiracy theory that Stanley Kubrick helped fake the Apollo 11 moon landing. (“The Shining,” according to the theorist in Ascher’s film, was Kubrick’s veiled confession.) Matt Johnson’s clever found-footage mockumentary “Operation ...Read More

AFI European Union Film Showcase Review: ‘Wild’

Writer-director Nicolette Krebitz’s “Wild”’s opening passages follow an alienated young German woman, Ania (Lilith Stangenberg), as she glides through her empty, alienated life—her joyless Skype chats with her sister, her boring commute, her job working for an asshole boss (Georg Friedrich). She doesn’t talk ...Read More

Blu-ray Review: ‘Joshy’

Early in writer-director’s Jeff Baena’s “Joshy”—the most depressing, or at least most depressed, hangout movie ever made—Josh’s (Thomas Middleditch) friends bring him to a bar near the mountain house they’ve rented for the weekend and raise a toast “to nothing.” They should be toasting ...Read More

TV Review: ‘Quarry’ Has Potential

“Quarry,” based on a series of novels by Max Allan Collins about a Marine recruited as a hitman as soon as he returns home from his second tour of duty in Vietnam, is a dark-hued, attractively photographed, and grimly serious crime drama that sims ...Read More