‘Arrow’ New Stunt Video ‘Oliver Vs. Ra’s al Ghul ‘

A satisfying means to an end. James Bamford breaks down the legendary finale battle between Oliver and Ra’s al Ghul!

Five perspectives on one heroic battle. See how James Bamford brings to life the iconic clash of Team Arrow and The League. Don’t miss the season finale of Arrow Wednesday at 8/7c!

How does Oliver best Nyssa? James Bamford and Katrina Law break down the Nyssa vs. Al Sah-Him rooftop fight! Arrow is new Wednesday at 8/7c!

Slade can always spot your weakness. James Bamford takes us inside the thrilling Oliver and Thea vs. Slade fight! It takes a special team to tackle a project this super! Enjoy this special stunt series EXCLUSIVE breakdown of Superhero Fight Club!

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