‘Archer’ Star Judy Greer Is Just As Nice As She Seems

After being on a 45 minute conference call with Judy Greer and several other people, there’s really no doubt that her reputation precedes her as she’s incredibly nice and super friendly.

That’s what makes hearing her say the things that her character Cheryl/Carol says on “Archer” that much more insane. On a show with nothing but wheels off characters, hers may be the craziest. Here’s some of the things she had to say to a bunch of nerds (myself included) fawning over her and perhaps the funniest show on television.

Chic: I just wanted to say I’m a big fan of “Fatty Magoo,” first of all. Anytime that character is going to come back, we’re all for it, the [It’s Always] Sunny [in Philadelphia] fans.

Judy: Thank you. I hope they bring me back. I would do anything for them.

Chic: They’re a blast. They’ve got to be a blast.

Judy: Yes. They’re so—but also, I mean I hate to sound so mid-western but they’re so nice too. They’re so terrible on that TV show that they make, and then when you see them they’re just like, “Hi, Judy. How are you?” I’m like, I can’t believe they say hi to me. I was only on their show a couple of times.

Chic: The question I had to ask is it seems like everybody on Archer says some pretty wheeled off stuff.

Judy: Yes.

Chic: It seems like you get almost the majority of it. Every time I watch it I say there’s no way this could be an actual show. If we were seeing you and it wasn’t a cartoon and there was just live action, there’s no way you could get away with it. I don’t think. Does that kind of make it easier for you to say that stuff because it’s pretty hard core?

Judy: Yes. I mean, I don’t think I would do this stuff live action that my character does animated. I feel like that would make me really uncomfortable. It’s also like really freeing to be able to do it the way that we do, you know? It’s pretty amazing. It’s pretty cool to be able to be in something that’s so raunchy and so disgusting but be able to get away with it and not be raunchy and disgusting. Yes. It’s a really nice treat at least for me. I like it cause I enjoy this kind of humor but, like I said, it probably wouldn’t be something I’d be comfortable doing in person.

Chic: Actually, I was on a couple of other calls with some other people on the cast and with Adam Reed. Almost everybody said that the funniest thing is they have to explain stuff to Jessica Walter. I was wondering do you ever go, okay, what am I even saying here? Do you ever ask that kind of thing?

Judy: I do have to ask that stuff but usually it’s because it’s some really bizarre obscure reference to like a really old trivia kind of question. I’m like, wait, who is this person and they’re like “he invented the watermelon, Judy.” I’m like, “okay, how would anyone know that. Why would anybody know that? You’re all crazy.”

So that was my question with Judy. Here are a few other highlights from the call:

Robert Samo with FanBoyNation: How much participation do you get in coming up with the crazy stuff that “Cheryl” has to say and have you ever cringed with any of it? And, also, do people randomly come up to you in the street and ask you to scream, “You’re not my supervisor?”

Judy: Yes to number three, 100%. I’ve even done people with outgoing messages which is so funny, screaming, “You’re not my supervisor,” like at a person’s cell phone. It’s really fun for me. Let’s see, then the second question was, is there anything I have to say that makes me cringe?

Judy: I would have to say that less lately. Not because they’re making it any less cringe worthy but because I’m building up an immunity to all the sex and violence and weird, terrible. There was, actually, as I’m saying this, there was a line in an episode I recorded last week which is like a part one of a two part season finale. There was something that my character said that I was like, really guys? That’s really dark. But still, it’s always still a pleasure to say. Do you know what I mean? I’m like, oh, yes, I’ll go there but that’s really a dark place.

John Schwartz from BubbleBlabber.com: My question for you is do you think “Cheryl” would be a better match for “Russ Bowman” than “Lina” [in FX’s Married]? It seems like “Russ” is a bit more adventurous in the bedroom. Obviously, I think of the shower episode where he’s constantly trying to ask “Lina” to have sex in the shower and she keeps turning him down. I couldn’t help to think that “Cheryl” would jump at that opportunity given the notice.

Judy: Yes, but “Cheryl” would eat him up and spit him out. I mean, he wouldn’t stand a chance with her. First of all “Russ” is like a dude who needs to be taken care of. “Cheryl” doesn’t have patience for “Russ’s” brand of man. So, while, I think, there could be some kind of awesome like night of hot crazy sex that “Russ” dreams of, I think overall he would come whining back to “Lina” with his tail between his legs.

Kristyn Clarke with Pop Culture Madness: So going out to the conventions over the years, I’ve seen the fandom for Archer consistently grow. How do you feel about the fans and witnessing that? What’s been one of your most interesting fan experiences?

Judy: It was a while ago. The first year that we went to Comic-Con they put us in this ballroom. It was really great. They showed an episode. We did a Q&A panel and it was really fun. There were about 500 people there. One year later we went back to Comic-Con so this would’ve been after the second season and there were 2000 people there. To see in one year our fan base grow in size that much so quickly like the Comic-Con was like we had to get you like a huger ballroom. That was sort of like a really cool fan moment that I remember. All of us stood up on our chairs and took pictures of all the people because we couldn’t believe it because you think when you’re recording a TV show you really feel like you’re in a bubble. So to see it grow, our fans multiply like that, it was really special. It made me really happy for the guys who make the show, Adam Reed and Matt Thompson, especially, too, because they’re in Atlanta. We get a lot of love here in L.A. for Archer but in Atlanta it seems like they maybe they don’t get to see how great it is to be on “Archer”.

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