‘An American Aristocrat’s Guide To Great Estates’ Preview Sunday On Smithsonian Channel

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Premieres Sunday, June 28 at 9 p.m.

Nestled in the Yorkshire countryside in the north of England is Newby Hall – a quintessential English country estate drawing in over 100,000 visitors every year by making the most out of their award-winning gardens and designer show house. Current owners Richard and Lucinda Compton invite Julie into their home to reveal how Richard’s ancestor commissioned British designers to renovate its interiors and fill its many rooms with the most fashionable designer pieces of the day from an 18th century lottery win. Julie joins the family for dinner in their very own Roman statue gallery and shadows the lady of the house in her day-to-day activities around the estate, one of which is keeping Newby’s many treasures gleaming.

Premieres Sunday, July 5 at 9 p.m.

Julie travels deep in the Herefordshire countryside on the border with Wales to visit an estate that has been home to one family longer than the United States has even existed, 400 years. Inside, she discovers a glorious Gothic drawing room designed by the same architect behind Britain’s famous “Big Ben” tower. Julie’s friend Imogen is in line to inherit Eastnor – and the hundred thousand visitors who stream through it every year – so she’s on a mission to learn how to maintain the castle and make it her own. Julie’s special access to Eastnor includes a regal night’s sleep in the castle’s Royal bedchamber – a room that once hosted Queen Mary, the current Queen Elizabeth’s grandmother.