All You Need To Know About Broadway Theater Shows

One of the most iconic and exciting things to do when you’re in the Big Apple is to go to a Broadway show. Whether or not you have been to New York City before, you will have heard of the magic of Broadway. So, if you’re planning a trip to NYC, you should definitely look into going to a Broadway show. Today, we will explain how to get tickets for Broadway, how to choose a show, when to arrive and what to wear for the show and what you should expect from the experience. Finally, we will discuss some other fun things to do on and around Broadway. Let’s dive in!

How to Get Tickets
The great news is that getting tickets for Broadway shows is quick and easy. You simply need to use a reputable and legitimate ticket sales website, search through the available shows and pick a date and time.

Generally, shows will run once in the morning and once in the evening, so there are a lot of options to choose from. When you are booking tickets for a Broadway show, you will get to choose your seat on a map that shows its position relative to the stage. As you get closer to the stage, you will find the prices increase. However, even a seat in the back row will have a great view, as the theaters are designed well.

What Shows to See
When it comes to choosing a show, you might be taken aback by the sheer volume of brilliant musicals and plays all running on Broadway. So, it can take a while to sort through them all and decide which to see. You can narrow down your search by finding shows that have tickets available at your ideal date and time, then consider the cost.

Beyond these practical factors, think about the plot and mood of the shows. Look up the soundtracks and read reviews. This will help you to decide which shows are the most appealing to you. Moreover, there may be an actor you know and love doing a run on Broadway, so make sure you are aware if any A-listers are in town!

When to Arrive
Make sure that you arrive with plenty of time to spare before the show begins. Twenty to thirty minutes should suffice. During this time you can show your ticket, find your seat, visit a bathroom and even get a pre-show drink if you have time. The last thing you want to do is feel rushed or flustered before a show, and if you arrive late, you will not be allowed to enter the theater.

What to Wear
While you might think that going to the theater is a formal occasion, in reality, it is best to dress comfortably for sitting in the dark for two and a half hours. Smart-casual is the best way to go. Wear layers so you can adapt to the temperature of the theater and make sure your clothing is suitable for long periods of sitting. Of course, you can dress as formally as you like, but expect most people to be in jeans or smart-casual attire.

What You Should Expect
When you arrive at the theater, you should expect someone to greet you and check your ticket. Then, you will be directed toward your section. At this point, you can stop to use the bathroom and get a drink, or go straight to your seat.

It is normal for a Broadway show that lasts over ninety minutes to be split into two halves with an intermission. Generally, shows run for around two and a half to three hours including a fifteen to twenty-minute intermission. This is a sufficient length of time to visit the bathroom, stretch your legs and get a drink if you need one.

Then, when the show ends, it is fairly customary to give a standing ovation when the cast come out and take a bow, though you do not need to! Some people only stand if they thought the show was particularly excellent.

What Else to Do on Broadway
Once the show is over, you can head on out into the streets of New York City and explore Broadway and its surroundings. Broadway itself runs from 45th street right up to Central Park between 7th and 8th Avenues. This midtown area of Manhattan is absolutely saturated with brilliant attractions, dining experiences and more.

You can head over to Times Square to see the lights and visit the Discovery Times Square exhibition. Or, head a little east to the Rockefeller center, where you can tour Radio City Music Hall or go all the way up to the Top of the Rock to get great views of the whole city. There is also Bryant Park, the New York Public Library, the Museum of Modern Art and a Broadway Comedy Club in the area.

As for food, why not check out Ellen’s Stardust Diner for a live show while you eat traditional American cuisine? You will also find various steakhouses, classic chain restaurants like Red Lobster and Applebee’s and some great pizza slice vendors. Then, have a drink at The Woo Woo or Nothing Really Matters and let the magic of the day sink in!

Now that you have learned all you need to know about Broadway theater shows, you are ready to head over to NYC and enjoy a stunning stage production. Just remember to book your tickets in advance so your dream show doesn’t sell out. When choosing a show, look up reviews and the soundtrack and see which one excites you the most. Arrive in plenty of time for your shows so you can relax, use the restrooms, find your seats and settle in. Dress comfortably for the theater and bring layers in case it gets cool. Remember there will be two halves with an intermission, so you can get a drink or use the bathroom at the interval. After the show, you can head to a great diner or museum on or around Broadway.

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