‘Alaskan Bush People’ Is Back On Friday, January 2 On Discovery

The Brown Family is back and on a mission to get back to the bush when ALASKAN BUSH PEOPLE returns to Discovery on Friday, January 2nd at 10PM ET/PT. Last Season, we were introduced to Billy Brown, his wife Ami and their seven grown children – 5 boys and 2 girls – who were born and raised wild. So far removed from civilization, this “wolf pack” will often go six to nine months of the year without seeing an outsider. Living so remotely, they’ve developed their own accent and way of doing things. Simply put, they are unlike any other family in America.

Since their family boat sank, the Browns have been stranded in the city of Ketchikan, Alaska and confined – all nine of them – to a small 800 square foot apartment. For a family unfamiliar with modern society, it’s been a shock to the system and they’re desperate to return to the bush. Bear and Snowbird, who are overwhelmed by public places, have been hit particularly hard. But through it all, they’ve stuck together and still live under one roof.

Now, after months of preparation, they’re ready to return to the wild and build a new home. With the Alaskan winter closing in, they need to get to their piece of land – a raw and untamed 29 acres on a remote island – before the weather traps them in the city. Each sibling will have to contribute as the Browns fight for their version of the American Dream:

· Matt, 32 years old, the oldest and most outgoing with one-of-a-kind ideas, challenges the family’s patience but keeps everyone’s spirits up.

· Bam Bam, 30 years old, the taskmaster, keeps an eye on everyone to make sure they’re safe and on track, which often causes his temper to run hot.

· Bear, 27 years old, has a primitive need to move at all times – climbing trees and running everywhere – and he puts this energy to use when settling the land.

· Gabe, 24 years old, the comedian and family strongman uses his muscles to help forge their existence in the wild, often wearing only a t-shirt and jeans in sub-freezing temperatures.

· Noah, 22 years old, the family’s self-taught engineer utilizes his years of building and inventing to create contraptions to help the wolf pack survive.

· Snowbird, 20 years old, the hunter and oldest girl provides for the family.

· Rain, 12 years old, the family’s princess contributes by keeping everyone on their toes.

The journey ahead will be difficult. Chichagof Island, where they’ve chosen to live, has the highest population of bears per square mile of any place on Earth and no roads lead to their property, which is covered by 100-200 foot widow makers and often experiences gale force winds. But for the Browns, this is the home they’ve dreamed of for more than 30 years and one worth fighting for. As their mother Ami says, “never give up, never surrender.”

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