‘Alaska Haunting’ Previews Sunday

Season 1 Finales Sunday, October 25 at 10/9c

In ALASKA HAUNTING, unnerving ghostly encounters deep in the Alaskan bush leave residents with nowhere to run and no neighbors to turn to for help. Spirits lurk in the shadows of Alaska’s isolated cabins, freezing families in fear and leaving them no choice but to turn to paranormal investigators as their last hope. The real people featured in ALASKA HAUNTING know this horror first-hand and reveal their bone-chilling stories through interviews and dramatic recreations.

Gold Town Terror Premieres Sunday, October 4 at 10/9c Staff at the Red Onion Saloon in an old Alaskan Gold Rush town are thrilled to launch a museum in the old brothel on their upper floor. It isn’t long before the team notices weird things happening, and then the haunting escalates to physical aggression. Desperate to regain control of the situation, and pretty much cut off from civilization, they reach out to a team of paranormal investigators and soon discover the shocking truth behind the brothel’s violent past.

North Pole Nightmare Premieres Sunday, October 11 at 10/9c After Laurie Fowler and her family move into a new house, bumps and creaks turn into threatening attacks as Laurie grows worried for the safety of her family. In a quest for answers, she unearths a gruesome secret from the property’s past, but that is only half the story. With help from the SOPAH Paranormal Investigators, Laurie is determined to reclaim her house and take back control of her life.

Cabin Fever Premieres Sunday, October 18 at 10/9c Tammy Blawat lucks into an amazing cabin on the outskirts of Wasilla, but soon she begins experiencing a crushing pain in her feet during the night. After doctors can’t find a medical cause, the attacks intensify to scratches, cuts and eventually bite marks from an invisible adversary. Through the intrepid investigators of Alaska Ghost Hunting, the Blawat family searches for the cause of the disturbances and attempt to get their lives back.

Homestead Horror Premieres Sunday, October 25 at 10/9c In Wasilla, Misty Maksin is determined to make a happy home for her children while her husband is away on active duty with the Alaska Coast Guard. But shortly after moving in, her daughter Julia starts to feel her life is threatened by an unseen presence and the whole house falls under a violent attack. Just when Misty isn’t sure how much more her family can take, she finally calls the Alaska Ghost Hunting team and what they discover about her home’s provenance shocks her.

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