‘Aerial America’ Preview Sunday, December 8 On Smithsonian Channel

The most expansive and ambitious aerial series explores America’s great cities from breathtaking heights – filmed from helicopters and drones equipped with cutting edge 4K/Ultra High Definition cameras to see our iconic and most treasured landmarks from a birds-eye view.

Brand new episodes take viewers on a journey to:

Boston 24 – see why Boston is a city of firsts – from America’s first lighthouse that was blown up during the Revolutionary War to the nation’s first public library, public school and subway system. This episode explores iconic sights like Fenway Park and the stadium’s famous left field wall, the “Green Monster,” and then returns to Boston Harbor, where America’s oldest battleship, the USS Constitution, sets sail with a full crew.

Dallas-Fort Worth 24 – fly over the fourth largest metropolis in the nation to discover how a simple trading post on the banks of Trinity River became the start of this great city in 1839. Discover the struggles, battles and lives lost in the battle for Texas to become independent from Mexico and how the United States government protected its new American settlers, living on the edge of the frontier, with an Army outpost named Fort-Worth.

Great Cities – explore some of America’s most fascinating cities and the stories behind their historic landmarks and sites. Follow the systems that keep these bustling metropolis centers running and understand how their communities have responded to tragedy and become stronger than ever before.

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