A&E Premieres ‘Wahlburgers,’ ‘Donnie Loves Jenny’ & ‘Lachey’s Bar’ on July 15

A&E Network debuts a lineup of returning and new original series on Wednesday, July 15 beginning with the season 4 premiere of the Emmy-nominated “Wahlburgers” at 9:30PM ET/PT, followed by the season 2 premiere of “Donnie Loves Jenny” at 10PM ET/PT and the premiere of the new docu-series “Lachey’s Bar” at 10:30PM ET/PT, following celebrity brothers Nick and Drew Lachey as they fulfill a lifelong dream of opening a bar in their hometown of Cincinnati.

Season four of “Wahlburgers” promises to be the biggest and best season yet of Boston’s most well known family, the Wahlbergs. Balancing life at home with his wife Rhea, Mark promotes two blockbuster feature films, Ted 2 and Entourage. Paul and Mark head to Paris for the Ted 2 press junket and leave some time for sightseeing. Mark also makes his directorial debut as he teams up with Diddy for the new Wahlburgers jingle video featuring Johnny Drama. The brothers push Paul to expand the franchise as New York City gets its first location with additional restaurants opening in Boston and Los Angeles. Donnie and Alma take on the Big Apple and later visit the new Coney Island location and of course get into some mother- son shenanigans. Meanwhile, Donnie is on a multi- city tour with New Kids on the Block, but still makes time to connect with his family and the growing business. Paul and Alma hold down the fort at the family’s two Hingham restaurants, Alma Nove and Wahlburgers. Brother Bob tries to get involved in the growing burger business and nephew Brandon moves in with Alma in order to save some cash.

In season two of “Donnie Loves Jenny,” Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy navigate life as newlyweds. The couple whose romance unfolded in the public eye – from the first time they met, to their first kiss, to the news of their engagement – has opened their doors and let fans in on the next chapter of their lives, married life. The series follows the pair as they endure the stress of a cross-country move while balancing their busy schedules. Still under the spell of newlywed bliss, Donnie and Jenny would prefer to be together every moment – but their career commitments keep pulling them apart, testing the strength of their new bond.

With Donnie’s band headlining a national tour this summer, he’s thrown back into the life of a “rock star” – but he’d rather be by Jenny’s side as they try to balance building a home and connecting with their families in Chicago while Jenny commutes to New York, where she hosts her live, daily radio show, Dirty Sexy Funny on Sirius XM. Using every resource, technology, and free moment imaginable, Donnie and Jenny will attempt to stay close and put their marriage first, no matter the distance and complications that separate them.

“Lachey’s Bar” follows brothers Nick and Drew Lachey as they fulfill a lifelong dream of opening a bar in their hometown of Cincinnati. From crafting artisanal beers and designing the menu, to knocking down walls and building the actual bar – these brothers will be rolling up their sleeves and learning everything about running a business on the fly. On top of that, they’re both juggling family and career duties. Drew and his wife Lea live their lives in Cincinnati full time with their kids while Nick and his wife Vanessa split their time between Cincinnati and Los Angeles and are preparing to welcome a new baby into the family. Despite hectic schedules, deep-seated sibling rivalry and clashes over how to run a business, these hometown heroes are committed to making their dream a reality – no matter what it takes.

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