12 Best of Christmas: Best Streaming of 2022!

by | Dec 22, 2022 | Featured, TV, TV Reviews | 0 comments

This is the first year that I have officially changed the title of this category over to streaming. Television programming feels like a thing of the past now and if you want to watch great shows it’s going to be on a streaming service. Which seemed worrisome at first, but has actually lead to a gold mine of great shows that likely would never have been made were it not for this transformation.

Honestly, this was the hardest category to nail down. There were so many fantastic shows this year that dwindling them down to 12 felt impossible! But, it would not be the 12 Best of Christmas if I just listed everything. So, here are the best shows I watched streaming this year!

See the links to watch trailers for these fantastic shows below.


12. Mind Over Murder (HBO)



11. The English (Amazon)



10. We Own This City (HBO)



9. Hacks (HBO Max)



8. Pachinko (Apple)



7. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (Amazon)



6. House of the Dragon (HBO)



5. Black Bird (Apple)



4. Andor (Disney)



3. Ozark (Netflix)



2. Severance (Apple)



1. Better Call Saul (AMC)




Nathan Ligon