12 Best Of Christmas: Best Sci-Fi/Horror Films

This was a fantastic year for horror movies and I’m happy to share them with you. And while Sci Fi may have been a little sparse this year, there were a handful that truly stuck in my mind. Here are the best Sci/Fi and Horror movies of the year!

12. Green Room

One of the last films we will have the opportunity to see Anton Yelchin in and it’s an intense one at that. Worth checking out.

11. The Shallows

This film leaves the audience glued to their seat while we watch Blake Lively swim for her life in a bikini and wet suit. Sounds like entertainment to me.

10. Lights Out

Could have easily been a cliche horror film, but instead it truly delivers. Some of the gags using light at the end of the movie are brilliant! 

9. The Witch

Truly dark and moody. A disturbing film that boils like a perfectly prepared stew. You also might learn a little bit about the real history of witchcraft.

8. 10 Cloverfield Lane

A superior thriller that leaves you constantly wondering about John Goodman and what he might do next. One of the best surprises of the year!

7. Don’t Breathe

This was also a clever surprise this year. The plot left much to be desired, but the concept and the execution of the thrills was expert. I was on the edge of my seat for much of the movies running time.

6. The Conjuring 2

A sequel that completely lived up to the original. There were a number of outstanding scares, but the thing that was so good about this film was the character moments. A conversation on a swing between Farmiga and a scared little girl truly steals the show.

5. Star Trek Beyond

A small step down from its superior predecessors, but still an extremely entertaining ‘Star Trek’ movie. Several big action sequences deliver some exciting thrills and Chris Pine continues his wonderful work as Captain Kirk.

4. Nocturnal Animals

This movie is more disturbing than any horror film I saw this year, but it’s also laced with a beautiful score and very memorable performances. You may feel dirty when you walk out, but it will leave a lot for you to chew on.

3. Rogue One

If anyone doubted that a ‘Star Wars’ movie could deliver as a stand alone entity, this movie showed you that not only could it deliver the goods, but it could deliver the greatness. Can’t wait to see what they do with a young Han Solo!

2. Arrival

Quite possibly the best alien arrival movie ever made and certainly the smartest. This movie delivers one of the most emotional third act twists you have ever seen. Go see it now.

1. A Monster Calls

This may not be a traditional horror movie, but it is a Monster movie about one of the most horrific things anyone could possibly experience. This film had me in completely torn apart with emotion and evoked something that I had not felt from a movie in a very long time. It may be because of how closely this tied to me losing my father this year, but ‘A Monster Calls’ really got me and didn’t let go. Not just the best Sci/Fi Horror movie, but one of the Top Five Movies of 2016!

Nathan Ligon

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