12 Best Of Christmas: Best Comedies of 2016


The Academy may rightfully not give comedy much credit when it comes to the best of the year, but that does not mean that it isn’t important. Here are the comedies that tickled my funny bone or gave me something a little bit more special this year.

 #12. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

This film is actually a lot less funny than it is thought provoking, but Tina Fey squeezes in just enough laughs to entertain. 

#11. Sausage Party

Seth Roger delivers a hilariously devilish attack on the idea of an afterlife and it is brilliant at times. It also has a wiener, a bun, and a bagel in a threesome. Enough said.

#10. Eddie the Eagle

The comedy in this is a combination of cute and corny, but it is such a winning story that you will smile all the way through.

#9. Everybody Wants Some

This movie was marketed as a pseudo sequel to ‘Dazed and Confused’, but it fell pretty far short off that for me. Still, it was a well written film with a number of laughs to keep you entertained.

#8. Kung Fu Panda 3

I was worried when this movie came out in the dulldrums of January, but it ended up being a wonderful ending to a fantastic animated trilogy.

#7. Café Society

This film coupled Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart for the third time and it was certainly a charm. Their chemistry carries a memorable tale of love and loss that just falls short of being great.

#6. Deadpool

‘Deadpool’ took the whole world by storm, but essentially it’s just a raunchy comedy with a superhero. Still, it’s done very well and is consistently hilarious. Hopefully, the sequel can maintain the same magic.

#5. Finding Dory

While this sequel falls short of the original, Ellen Degeneres still brings endless charm to an unforgivable character. The laughs and adventure come consistently. Not to mention the great addition of baby Dory. Wonderful.

#4. The Nice Guys

This is my wife’s favorite movie of the year by a mile and it’s easy to see why. This movie is cleverly written and consistently hilarious. Gosling and Crowe are fantastic!  I kinda want to watch it right now.

#3. Ghostbusters

I laughed more in this movie than any other this year. Part of this might be my love for the series, but most was how funny all these women are when given the right material. I waited most of my life for a new ‘Ghostbusters’ and if this is all I will get than that’s okay. This was a fantastic trip.

#2. The Edge of Seventeen

Every couple of years we get a great coming of age film and this year it was ‘The Edge of Seventeen’. Hailee Steinfeld absolutely steals the show and the movie delivers several big laughs when it counts. You will love it!

#1. Zootopia

This is not only the best comedy of the year, but it’s also one of the best movies of the year period. The writing is brilliant in its metaphorical look at race and objectification. But it’s also filled to the brim with clever gags and a super fun detective story. I’ve seen it dozens of times and I’ll see it a dozen more.


Nathan Ligon
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