Win A Copy Of ‘Wagon Master’ DVD

Master director John Ford assembles most of his ever-reliable ensemble sans headlining stars for this character driven drama in which a pair of laconic horse traders lead a group of Mormon pioneers across the wilds of the American West. Under the leadership of gruff Elder Wiggs (Ward Bond), a group of Mormon’s employ Travis Blue (Ben Johnson) and Sandy Owens (Harry Carey, Jr.) to guide them to a new home after getting ejected from Crystal City. As a true community begins to emerge on their trek, they encounter their opposite number in the murderous and criminal Clegg family. A personal favorite of Ford’s, this often-overlooked masterwork is a perfect summation of Ford’s cinematic legerdemain – a tribute to both the American ethos, the glories of Moab and the simple pleasure of hanging out with interesting characters. Now, Wagon Master’s quiet majesty is revealed like never before in this glorious 1080p HD presentation. Special Feature: Commentary by Harry Carey, Jr. and Peter Bogdanovich with archival contributions by John Ford.

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