Win A Copy Of The Book ‘All Happy Families: A Memoir’ By Hervé Le Tellier

Le Tellier tells the story of his dysfunctional family in this “unexpected coming of age tale” (BBC). While he experienced a seemingly normal French childhood with parents that cared for him– he was not deprived, or beaten, or abused, yet, he never felt the significance of the familial bonds that tied the people who bore him together. Unable to feel warmth, affection, and trust; he didn’t cry or become filled with grief when family died or fell terminally ill; and with his mother’s damaging interpretation of a parent-child relationship, he became numb to love. Now, with time passed and perspective gained at sixty years old, Le Tellier is able to reflect sympathetically on the impact of his upbringing and dissect his emotions both objectively and with tenderness

Abandoned early by his father and raised in part by his grandparents, he was profoundly affected by his relationship with his mother, a troubled woman with manipulative views on love. In this perceptive, deeply personal account, Le Tellier attempts to look back on trying times in his life without anger or regret, and even with humor.

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