Win A Copy Of The Book ‘Ain’t She A Peach (Southern Eclectic Series)’ By Molly Harper

Frankie McCready isn’t exactly your typical Southern girl. With a bit of a goth style, a passion for nerd culture, and her job as the embalmer at the McCready Family Funeral Home & Bait Shop, she’s definitely a bit eccentric. But the whole McCready family are hardly your typical Southern family, and everyone looks out for one another—which usually means getting involved in everyone’s business.

When a new sheriff moves to Lake Sackett from Atlanta, Frankie’s fascinated by Eric and his paranoia, which seems displaced in their small, tourist town. A break-in attempt at the funeral home does become a job for the sheriff, though— and as Frankie and Eric do their best Scooby-Doo impressions to catch their man, they get closer to spilling some secrets they thought were buried forever.

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