Watch Previews Of ‘Micro Monsters With David Attenborough’ Wednesday, May 4

Premieres Wednesday, May 4th, 11th, and 18th, at 8 p.m. ET/PT – Smithsonian Channel

Bugs, the most dominant animals on our planet, outnumber us and have outlived every catastrophe Earth has thrown at them for 500 million years. They are so intrinsic to the natural world that without them we would struggle to exist. In part one, “CONFLICT,” Attenborough investigates the violence, rivalries and deadly weaponry existing within the world of bugs. The second installment, “COURTSHIP,” unravels the unusual mating rituals of the creatures beneath our feet, including that of the male Chilean rose tarantula. While most of the series focuses on conflict, the final episode, “FAMILY,” is all about bugs that prefer cooperation in lieu of broken societies. Among the featured creatures are the suitably named social spiders that spin a single enormous, nearly 100-foot web for the whole colony, a queen bee that rules her hive with a strict hierarchy, burrowing cockroaches, and some green ants showing team spirit to help build a nest together.

MICRO MONSTERS WITH DAVID ATTENBOROUGH is produced by Colossus Productions for Smithsonian Channel in association with Sky. Series producer is Sias Wilson, Executive Producer is Anthony Geffen.

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