Watch Previews Of ‘Very Cavallari’ Sunday

In Sunday’s all-new episode of “Very Cavallari,” Kristin struggles to maintain control as the rivalry between Brittainy and Shannon continues to cause chaos at the office. Jay blindsides Kristin when he announces he wants to buy a new house. And Shannon and Gurney’s relationship is put to the test when a drunken Sunday Funday leads to a dramatic exit.

Clip Description: Brittainy Thinks Shannon’s Work Is “Brand Suicide” Where is the disconnect?! Watch two of the Uncommon James leaders butt heads on “Very Cavallari”!

Clip Description: Kristin Cavallari’s hubby reluctantly lends a helping hand during the moving process–but Jay has some questions first! Watch on “Very Cavallari”.

Clip Description: Kristin Cavallari Says Hubby Jay Has “No Game”! The Uncommon James boss describes how husband Jay Cutler won her heart, despite not having any game! Watch it on “Very Cavallari.”

Clip Description: No labels, big problem! Watch the boss snap on her Uncommon James employees for dropping the ball on “Very Cavallari”.

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