Watch Preview Of ‘Return To Amish’ Sunday


On an all-new episode of RETURN TO AMISH this Sunday at 8/7c, Sabrina decides that having a home birth would protect the baby from Child and Youth Services, however medical concerns put this plan in jeopardy. With custody of Oakley on the line, Sabrina goes to court to learn the fate of her parental rights. Meanwhille, Mary continues to rebel against the Punxsutawney Amish by doing all the English activities she was afraid to pursue. She reveals one of her deepest English secrets to her son Abe and enlists his help to get her driver’s license. Down in Florida, Jeremiah and Carmela’s stresses as new homeowners, plus an unwelcome visit from their neighbor, begin to take a heavy toll on their marriage. And the marital strain doesn’t stop there as Rebecca continues to take classes on her quest to obtain a GED, against Abe’s will.

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  1. May 21, 2017

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