‘Twisted Tales’ Preview For Saturday, September 26

Season Finale Airs Saturday, September 26 at 10/9c
Everyone remembers a job they’ve hated – from overbearing bosses who yell at their employees, to companies that put their interns on “coffee duty.” But when a boss’ requests go from demanding to bizarre, office gossip blows up in an inter-employee feud. TWISTED TALES OF MY 9 TO 5 tells the stories of typical work days that have turned into horrid tales.

Danger Signs Premieres Saturday, September 26 at 10/9c Frances gets a hot job as a chemist only to be victimized by some co-workers turned toxic. Then, Theresa uncovers a crime network operating out of her car dealership. Later, Maxine’s job in radio goes off the dial thanks to the boss’s kinky wife.

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