Review: ‘Wedlock’ Delivers Laughs With Mark Duplass

The League’s Mark Duplass continues to explore new ways of bringing comedy to his audience, this time with Wedlock, a new short series premiering through Vimeo’s on demand service.

Wedlock follows Duplass and Jennifer Lafleur as a pair of intense type A friends who get along so well they’re confused as to why they’re not romantically involved. Enter a superstar therapist, portrayed by the great Rob Corddry, who does an impeccable straight man to the couple’s increasingly eyebrow raising revelations.

Told is short five minute installments, Wedlock is a ten episode series launching exclusively for now on Vimeo and $3.99 will get you access to the entire run. I’ve watched the first four and these are perfectly paced, often laugh out loud vignettes that never drag. Quite the contrary, I found myself reaching for the next link when the current one ended.

Duplass and Lafleur deliver the perfect amount of clueless meets awkward that their roles require. The role playing moments alone with dolls in the fourth episode alone is worth the price of admission. I love seeing Corddry in the role of reacting to the madness before him, even has his character is drawn in by the fact that this couple has read all his papers.

Josh Perilo’s loose scripts play out on screen so well they almost seem improvised and tight direction from Ross Partridge keep Wedlock constantly on its toes. Of course, Wedlock is also notable for its distribution method. It’s always exciting when creatives try new methods of delivering their work, and Wedlock is an excellent way to tip your toes in these new waters. I, for one, am definitely going to grab the rest of these to see how it all plays out.

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