TV Review: ‘South Park: The Complete Twentieth Season’

South Park recently finished its 20th season and the show is just as good now as it was the first time it aired. Written and directed by Trey Parker (co-creator and co-voice) of the show along with Matt Stone. The Complete Twentieth Season is available now in stores.

It was one continuing story that played out over the season. Cartman was accused of being an internet troll who attacks local girls (it wasn’t him). Mr. Garrison takes on Hillary Clinton in the election and wins. Cartman becomes friends with a girl named Heidi and he fears for their relationship. It’s revealed that Gerald is the troll. And the race is on take down the troll once and for all and deal with the member berries.

Another fun season of mayhem and hilarity with gang in their Colorado town. The extras include commentary with Trey and Matt, 2016 Comic-Con and deleted scenes.

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