TV Review: ‘Lucas Bros. Moving Co.’ Premieres Thursday Night On FXX

Review By Bradley Smith

Lucas Bros. Moving Co. is an animated comedy that follows the adventures of the title characters, Kenny and Keef Lucas, as they typically do anything other than running their own moving company. While they do make some efforts on behave of their business, like placing an ad in the local paper or trying to get their van moving again, the brothers are carefree slackers/potheads who primarily do whatever they want until situations require them to, begrudgingly, do otherwise, and/or they get into trouble.

In the episode “Sister, Sister, Sister”, the brothers are taken on a wild ride involving Tia and Tamara from the television program Sister, Sister. The episode “Willdependence Day” makes numerous references to Will Smith’s acting and singing career as the brothers are faced with a visit from their mother, among others, on Independence Day. In “Lucas Burgers”, the brothers have a day off and just want to reminisce, but find it difficult with a parking boot on their van.

With a short running time of less than 11 minutes, each episode tells a mostly cohesive story that flows in its own logical way while providing a couple laughs (possibly more if the audience is participating in the same type of recreation depicted in the show) and a touch of sincerity here and there; though the brothers do not seem to notice or care. Numerous pop culture references add some amusement for fans of the late 1990s/early 2000s (the All That staple “Good Burger” gets a subtle nod in one episode).

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