TV Review: ‘Adam Ruins Everything’

Review by Ryan Unger

Have you ever met anybody who knew too much? Every time you had an idea or made a comment they were there to tell you why you’re wrong? That’s the premise of truTV’s new show Adam Ruins Everything. Host Adam Conover spends each half hour debunking various worldwide beliefs using history, science and humor. Originally a web series hosted by, Adam Ruins Everything takes an informative and slightly upsetting look at widespread misconceptions.

In the series premiere, Adam discusses the theme of Giving. He kicks off the episode by telling viewers why engagement rings are a scam, and it’s incredibly interesting. He then proceeds to discuss why giving canned goods to homeless shelters is a bad idea, and why donating your old clothing to countries in need can hurt more than it can help. You find out there’s actually a term for the wave of unusable goods that pour into a country immediately after a disaster: the second disaster. Adam also discusses blood donations and the best time to donate so that your blood can actually be used instead of thrown away.

Adam comes across as cocky, but knowledgeable. Every time he drops facts he’ll flash the source in the corner of the screen which gives the show credibility. There are funny reenactments throughout the half hour for each idea he’s discussing, and Adam himself, though seemingly cocky, has a great sense of humor. The topics are relevant, and although it can be slightly upsetting, it’s fascinating to hear the cold hard facts about things we all take for granted. Adam Conover may in fact ruin just about everything, but I’m thoroughly looking forward to it happen.

Premieres Tuesday, September 29 on truTV.

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