‘The Man In The Shadows’ Trailer

Rachel Darwin (Sarah Louise Jurgens, “Covert Affairs”) is pregnant, shackled, giving birth to something terrible, attended to by a dark man in a brimmed hat. She struggles to wake, opens her eyes and he is there. The next day she finds out she’s not alone, many others see that Hat Man too. Her husband, Scott (Nick Baillie, “The Dead Zone”), believes her but thinks there is a scientific explanation. Sleep paralysis. Electromagnetically induced hallucinations. Rachel speaks of the Hat Man at group therapy. The addicts and loners reject her, except for William (“Scare Tactics’” Adam Tomlinson, also making his debut as Producer). He believes her more than she believes herself – he believes in multidimensional beings, shadows that feed upon human souls. Produced by Thunderwolf Productions & Good Soldier Films.

Premieres at Dances with Films Festival on June 1.


Man in the Shadows TRAILER from Adam Tomlnson on Vimeo.

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