‘The Last 24’ Preview Friday On Investigation Discovery

Season One Finale Airs Friday, June 21 at 11/10c

THE LAST 24 follows determined investigators working the most shocking murder cases as they reconstruct the tragic final hours in the victim’s life, in order to find their killer and crack the case.

Mayhem on his Mind premieres Friday, June 14 at 11/10c 16-year-old Theresa Burns is murdered in her family’s Indiana home. And though investigators believe they’ve found the murder weapon, it will take a quarter century before they close in on the killer.

No Sleep for the Wicked premieres Friday, June 21 at 11/10c When a Louisiana man is shot in his sleep, detectives uncover details of his extracurricular love life and a death policy that promised to pay out, even in the event of his murder.

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